We are known for our consistent delivery of high-quality results in the following service areas. Our clients enjoy a premium professional service experience, safe in the knowledge that we constantly reassess and reinvest in state-of-the-art technology so we are ready for the most intricate and complex visualisation challenges.

Photogrammetry is an intriguing alternative when creating 3D objects from two-dimensional digital still images. We can use this fast, compact, highly accurate method to survey and scan almost any asset or object.

Photogrammetry is a highly adaptable method of collecting information to inform plans, strategies, designs and concepts.

We provide photogrammetry for the following applications:

  • Generating 3D models for visualisation and view studies
  • Producing Photo-textured 3D models for walk-throughs or fly-throughs
  • Producing 3D sites or models for Virtual Reality Presentations
  • Documenting and measuring heritage buildings
  • Surveying existing structures and objects
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